10 year guarantee

Central Park Skiers X-Town Tote bags are fully guaranteed to the original purchaser for ten years.

Should one of my bags fail you due to a defect in components, materials and/or workmanship I will, at my discretion, repair or replace it free of charge.

When making your claim, you will need to present your original purchase receipt. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by normal wear & tear, misuse use or cover any claims for consequential losses.
However, if you feel like your bag is failing you for whatever reason, please contact me. It's a priority for me that you feel happy about your Central Park Skiers product for years to come.
X-Pac Duck Canvas
X-Pac fabrics manufactured by Dimension Polyant are one of the toughest high performance fabrics in the market. X-Town Tote uses an X-Pac variant that has a heavy cotton canvas face fabric. This material feels rugged and a lot more softer than other technical fabrics out there. I thought it's perfect for a bag that must withhold a lot of wear and tear while maintaining a classic and handsome look.


The current production batch is made in Finland by Special Bag Ltd. I've worked together with them to bring X-Town Tote to life and made sure that every detail is right. This is the company that makes bags e.g. for the Finnish Postal Services. In addition to quality, I think it's essential that who ever makes my products has safe working conditions and fair pay. Employee rights, salary, and social security in Finland are top notch.