Central Park Skiers’ quality is the result of a thoughtful blend of hands-on design and prototyping, premium materials, and local manufacturing.

Design and Craftsmanship
My design principle is quite straightforward: I strive for designs that impeccably align with their intended purposes. The journey from initial concepts to the final product involves extensive sketching, lo-fi prototyping, material experiments, patterning, and culminates in final prototypes. This is followed by rigorous product testing, adjustments, and ultimately, the production phase.

This was exemplified in the creation of the Crosstown Messenger bag, and the process has been even more exacting for our upcoming Adapt-Alpine 35 skitouring backpack. This spring, we subjected the first hi-fi prototype to an Inter-rail tour across Europe, spanning two months. Subsequently, the second prototype accompanied a skitouring expedition to Lyngen Alps in Northern Norway. These comprehensive real-life trials yield invaluable insights and inspire continuous enhancements.

I personally sew the prototypes, affording me the opportunity to refine the design not only for optimal product performance but also for streamlined manufacturing. This approach has yielded the Adapt-Alpine 35, a lightweight, supremely functional product with a dependable and robust construction.

The Crosstown Messenger incorporates an X-Pac composite fabric variant crafted by Dimension Polyant, featuring a robust cotton canvas face fabric. This material exudes old school ruggedness while being considerably softer than other technical fabrics. It's an ideal choice for a bag that must endure wear and tear while maintaining a timeless and appealing appearance.

The upcoming Adapt-Alpine 35 will feature fabrics from the Ecopak series by Challenge Sailcloth. These fabrics are waterproof, remarkably abrasion-resistant, lightweight, and environmentally conscious.

I opt for aluminum buckles and other hardware when suitable, prioritizing durability, lightness, and aesthetics.

Crosstown Messenger bags are meticulously manufactured in Finland by a company that also produces bags for entities such as the Finnish Postal Services. Beyond prioritizing quality, I hold it imperative that those involved in crafting Central Park Skiers products work in safe conditions and receive fair compensation. Finland's standards for employee rights, wages, and social security are exemplary.

In the event that a Central Park Skiers bag falters due to defects in components, materials, and/or workmanship, I am committed to repairing or replacing it, at my discretion, without charge.
To invoke this guarantee, you'll need to present your original purchase receipt. This warranty does not encompass damage stemming from normal wear and tear or misuse, nor does it cover claims for consequential losses.

However, if you believe that your bag is underperforming for any reason, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. It is of paramount importance to me that you derive satisfaction from your Central Park Skiers product for years to come.