If you can ski here, you can ski anywhere

What keeps New Yorkers sane? Nothing, some would argue. Still, many try. They do yoga, therapy, run, or get a dog. I brought my skis. 

It was a partial solution, but when the snow storms hit, my three year old son and I would walk across East Side to Central Park and ski on Sheep Meadow, behind Le Pain Quotidien, and near the statue of Balto.

We later moved downtown and laid tracks on the streets of Chelsea and Hudson River Park. That’s when I started designing and making my own products. The highlight of that early phase was a Christmas market in West Village where I had my booth stacked with bags, ski straps, wallets, scarves and more.

I'm now based in Helsinki, Finland and Central Park Skiers has entered a second phase with new factory made products, a web store, and a vision to create gear that is at home both in the big city and in the Nordic outdoors.

Joonas Luotonen