Sunset Tennis

Sunset Tennis

In Helsinki, within the confines of our apartment building, lies our courtyard. It's a simple space, but it's where my son and I often find ourselves on warm afternoons, practicing tennis and trying not to overshoot the ball behind the wall.

With makeshift nets made from folding chairs and asphalt for a playing surface, our courtyard transforms into our own little tennis court. As the sun dips towards the horizon, we take to the court, trying to keep the ball flying and salvaging it from behind the bikes when we miss a hit.

One thing we've learned about our courtyard is the importance of positioning. Whoever plays on the east side needs shade from the blinding afternoon sun. Bring a hat, sunglasses, and squint your eyes.

Before one such game, I decided to capture the moment with a photoshoot. I placed a hat on my son and backed off a couple of meters to get a proper angle while he basked in the sun, waiting for our ball play to begin.

What was he thinking? I didn't ask. Looking at the resulting images, I came up with my own interpretations and meanings. "Make your own tracks" reads the hat. I'm sure he will. He's transitioning to secondary school next fall. New school, new students, new lessons. But before that: warm summer sun, tennis, and all the time in the world to plot his next moves.


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